Penguin Design Award – A Clockwork Orange Cover Research #1

clockwork_orange_book_cover_by_starbeamsUser: starbeams. DeviantArt
The use of photography is a fresh and interesting way to tackle the cover of the book. The high contrast of dark and light create a powerful image and with orange hues dominant it is very visually appealling. The hand holding an actual clockwork orange means the image doesn’t take much deciphering. However, I don’t feel that this image captures fully the feel and themes present within the story.

o-CLOCKWORK-ORANGE-facebookKristian Hammerstad
A very contemporary take on the visuals of the story. The cleanness of the illustration and the choice of colours produce a very striking image. The illustration contains elements with make it instantly recognisable as the protagonist, Alex. The inclusion of the milk bottle relates to the beverage of choice of the ‘Droogs’. The use of hand drawn text finishes the cover and makes for a fantastic finished piece.

A-Clockwork-OrangeHannah Curson
This bright and vibrant design employs the repeated use of circles and cogs to relate to the title. While this is a very visually stiking design it does little to relate to the themes of the story and this lets it down somewhat.

a_clockwork_orangeDavid Pelham
Simple figurative image of Alex. The use of flat colour and general lack of detail means no distractions. The use of a cog as Alex’s eye is a nice addition and works well in relation to the books title. The choice of colours a jarring in their clashing but this fits the themes of madness and unease within the story.

9780141182605Penguin Modern Classics
Minimalist design incorporating a single photograph of a glass of milk. The image is not instantly recognisable as being related to the title but anyone familiar with the story could make the association. I feel that this image draws the viewer in to learn more and the minimalism aids this.

1Barnbrook Studio
A powerful minimalist design for the restored edition of the story. To emphasise the text a typographic cover was created. The use of a single orange circle as a visual replacement of the word ‘orange’ works brilliantly. From a distance the text is unseen, with the circle drawing in the viewer. A really successful image and one that is certainly thought provoking in terms of how my own work may pan out.

42Bob Buel
I really like the image of the fractured figure in this piece. It is a strong comment on the breaking down of Alex within the story, showing the fragility of his mental state. This coupled with the clockwork machinery within the head illustrate the psychological themes of the book brillantly. This design is a wonderful example of visual metaphor commenting on the underlying themes of the book and has provided food for thought when it comes to my own work.


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