Penguin Design Award – A Clockwork Orange Cover Research #2

e766a4d29c479b03da022d7aaf588468Athenaeum Publication cover design. A minimal image utilising icons made famous by the Kubrick film such as the bowler hat and eye makeup. The key is a nice reference to the clockwork aspect of the story and title. The minimalist route is an appealing one which could allow me to focus on the repeating motifs of the story.

a_clockwork_orange_book_cover_by_nusentinsaino-d3g3js7User: Nusentinsaino. DeviantArt
A similar image in terms of composition to the previous one but even more minimal. The typography works well with the imagery and needs little explanation.

A Clockwork OrangeAmy Harding
Yet another minimal image, this time using only the eye of Alex. The image is recogniable to viewers familiar with the visuals of Kubricks film version. The bowler hat is a familiar motif relating to the fashion of the droogs.

000_co_pitch-coverKevin Colden
A cover from a comic version of the story. The image of Alex undergoing treatment is a powerful one. The use of clockwork oranges as the latter ‘O’ throughout the title is a nice addition. The large type juxtaposed against the image is aesthetically very interesting.


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