Chicago Latino Film Fest – Previous Winners

A selection of previous poster designs for the Chicago Latino Film Festival. More can be found at the website:

CLFF_Corazon15_resizedA nice composition utilising film making paraphernalia such as camera, projector and film reel to produce an anatomical heart design. The use of the film roll to act as a banner to hold the copy is a nice touch, as is the blue/red colour scheme that further emphasises the heart and blood aspect of the poster. The design appears to be hand drawn and coloured digitally which is a good thing when it comes to retaining a somewhat hand drawn aesthetic. I do feel that the colouring lets the image down though as compared to the initial drawing of the design it seems fairly amateur.

clff-23th-posterA wonderful poster that is heavily graphic, this is one of my favourites of the previous years posters. The design is that of a luchador wrestling mask which is a big part of Mexican culture in particular. The decorative elements within the mask include imagery of South American life as well as film roll present throughout that relates back to the film festival. As a poster design it hits all the marks it needs to in terms of being visually striking and giving the necessary information to the viewer, The limited but high contrast colour scheme is something that I should utilise in my own response.

clff-24th-posterThis design incorporates a number of interesting elements to produce a really striking final outcome. The use of photo montage to create an iconic cinema camera from of indigenous stonework is a novel idea and one that is relatively successful. This coupled with the use of the Chicago skyline as a secondary background/foreground element visually describes the event in an unmistakable way. It would be nice to draw on native culture for inspiration, using mesoamerican motifs within my response.

clff-28th-posterI particularly enjoy the hand drawn aesthetic of this design, with all elements of text and image having an imperfect hand produced quality. Although the image is coloured digitally the use of an texture overlay at least makes it less obvious. The use of life and death motifs with the heart suspended in the middle suggests that film is a lifestyle and all encompassing, it also harks back to latino attitudes to life and death and carries a day of the dead vibe. The superstitious symbology is furthered with the use of the rooster which is seen as an omen in Mexican culture. The use of symbols of folklore/superstition  is something I will consider in my personal response.

Web-posterThe use of Brazilian dancer/actress Carmen Miranda in this image makes brilliant use of the most iconic latin american women in showbiz. The large flower and fruit hat that most people are familiar with has been updated with elements of film and cinema iconography such as film roll/reels and tickets. It would be interesting to follow a simlar route in terms of working with a well known latin americans face/features etc. Another interesting aspect of this poster is the use of a mosaic effect made up of various icons relating to cinema and the festival itself.


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