Childrens Book, Comic – Artist Research Randy Bishop

Randy Bishop is an illustrator whose strength lie in character design. I find that his ability to convey emotion and humour into his designs is spectacular. Although his designs are very reminiscent of Disney animation I feel that the way in which he portrays personality and presents his characters is something I could take inspiration from. Below are a selection of images from his website highlighting what I have explained.


Character Design sheet for a female character showing a number of various expressions. This is a good way of presenting character designs and is also useful when it comes to needing a handy reference for a particular character when working on the final outcome.


Useful reference showing how a profile view translates to a front view, something that I have struggled with in my own developments.


A higher quality rendering of the previous character. A thing I admire about Randy Bishop is his use of colour, something that I would like to experiment with and that will hopefully integrate well into my work.


Use of dynamic poses to present character designs makes for an interesting approach.


The combination of perspectives, mouth and eyes to create a design which conveys a lot of emotion is something I hope to achieve in my own work. I can draw on a lot of Bishops work when it comes to this as I feel that with these simple tools he achieves a multitude of varied characters each unique.


These character sheets also show how a 3/4 view translates to front and profile views. With further development I hope to understand the basics of drawing characters from any angle.


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