Comic – Robot Research # 1

Looking into concept art for some science fiction films and robots in general that I feel suit the possible aesthetic of what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve looked at the films of Neill Blomkamp for inspiration as these are set in a gritty, lived in world as opposed to a having a sleek futuristic veneer.


This image from the film Elysium shows how a humanoid robot could work in terms of mechanical joints.


A concept art close up of a police droid from Elysium. I like the idea of exposed machinery and hydraulics. It gives the feel of a machine that is designed more for function than form. The chipped paintwork also gives the impression that the robot has been in action.


As with the Elysium concept art, these image form the production of Chappie show the potential workings of a humanoid robot. While retaining the human figure it is still obviously a machine, with the head having no human features. A thing I find interesting is the use of a screen in the head that is able to convey emotion.


Exo suit from the film District 9. Aside form the number of limbs this machine strays away form human features with it being an alien design. The use of animal like legs make this machine look heavy and powerful.


A robot wearing various elements of human clothing is an interesting notion as begins to blur the lines between man and machine.


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