Folio Society – Period Book Design

When thinking about my design for a binding design I will be looking to early 20th century book design for inspiration. A lot of the graphic design from the era draws heavily on art nouveau motifs which makes for some beautiful designs. I am currently thinking of how I can incorporate this into my final outcome while still retaining something of the aesthetics of my interior illustrations. Many of the designs here also use a limited palette, this requiring graphic imagery that can translate well when printed.


I like the use of typography within this piece as well as the circle of the umbrella acting as a frame for the image. The use of a shape set within the space to frame further element is a really interesting idea and something to consider.


This further shows the use of framing elements but goes further by using a highly decorative border in the Art Nouveau style of the time.


I like the use of the frame but with an asymmetrical design within.


The use of an intricate background pattern could be something to consider, with a design placed on top. However, I’m not if this kind of design would suit my working method or the tone of the book. With development I can explore this further.


I really enjoy the use of multiple styles within this piece. The use of realistically rendered elements coupled with highly graphic elements makes for an intriguing outcome. This way of working is definitely something to be explored.



These two images show interesting uses of typography using period elements. The colour palettes are limited but also remain interesting.


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