Self Promotion: Websites, Tips and Tutorials #1


These 30 tips, each by different names in the industry offer brief nuggets of wisdom when it comes to self promotion, covering topics that might not seem so obvious but are extremely important. Particularly useful are those relating to blogging, visibility and interaction.

Illustrator and designer Jeff Szuc offers 8 bitesize tips for creating a postcard mailer for self promo. He explains about specifications, design and printing. A really useful page when considering using postcards as a mailer.

An interesting interview with renowned illustrator Rod Hunt regarding his career and how he promotes himself. He places a lot of value on physical promotion in a digital age and that illustration is first and foremost a business.–vector-3518

A really useful tutorial on creating a set of promotional pieces that are ready for print. The initial image is made to postcard format and then elements are re used for other uses such as business cards. This also acts has a handy Illustrator tutorial which is a nice bonus.

This is simply a blog post containing images of various self promotional artifacts. It is a good resource for stoking the imagination though with some interesting ideas being shown. I particularly like some of the more unusual ideas such as pencils/crayons with details on. Producing a book could also be a good way of making a mini portfolio to mail. Possibly including a dvd to showcase my animations.



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