Self Promotion: Websites, Tips and Tutorials #3


Gary Corr’s mailer.

Another tag search on cargo collective this time looking specifically for mailers. There are a lot of Graphic Design mailers here but there are still ideas that are applicable to me as an Illustrator. The idea of creating a package with a few different pieces within seems to be coming up a lot. This is definitely something that I’ve been thinking about for my own response.

This mailer package by Gary Corr contains most of the vital components of a good promotional package, with almost all of it being hand crafted which adds a really nice personal touch. In it he has produced a poster style message and resume, business card, directed letter, a set of screen printed posters and a gift in the form of a stick of rock (with a nice little tagline). I find this to be a really strong package and although it is grounded in graphic I feel the elements that comprise it are a good selection.

Designer Pat Schlaich has produced this brochure and box as a mailer. This is visually interesting from the get go with the packaging and hand written type. The colour also helps it stand out and is a running theme throughout the mailer. Within the box is a small stitched portfolio book and resumé. One thing in particular I love about this is the integration of the business card, slotting into the book as though a hand is holding it.

This mailer by English artist, illustrator and author Lee Crutchley is a simple but charming set of postcards. The package opens to reveal a greeting and message which thinking about it now seems really obvious but is something I hadn’t actually considered. The postcards themselves are typographical in nature and each consist of a witty quote. He also includes a business card and a feedback card to nurture interaction between himself an the recipient (a wonderful idea). The straight forward nature of this is what I like most but I find the use of type, limited colour, and packaging to be really inspiring.

This article by designer Dan Redding goes into amazing detail on how to set up a mail campaign for promotion purposes and come complete with a plethora of visual named examples that I’m sure will provide much future research material. The author offers advice on designing the mailer, correctly mailing (picking quiet mail days to target clients), keeping the clients interest and actually making it to their desk in the first place, and stepping away from basic ideas in favour of more creative approaches. A really useful article for future reference and probably one to keep in my file.


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