Self Promotion: Websites, Tips & Tutorials #4


A number of examples of self promotion kits and designs for inspiration for my own response. I’m finding myself leaning more and more towards a nice set of postcards in a custom package.

This illustration acts as a resume but done in a pirate/ treasure map theme. This is a really interesting way of showing off skills and/or imporatnat information.

Pictures of Ashley Burke’s concept for a self promotional package. This is a set of DVDs as the creator produces animation. Even so the casing contains wonderful artwork and character designs, as do the disc labels. I hadn’t considered sending out a mailer containg my animation efforts so this may be a useful bit of inspiration.

Here Arthur Hamer shows off his range of business cards, with a set showcasing various character designs on the front with some nice hand lettered info on the back. The use of colour and texture here is brilliant and the designs are punchy enough to grab attention. As well as these he also shows an action figure backing card illustrated to show him as the product, with information about him on the reverse. This is a really creative design and one that im sure would interest potential clients.




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