Comic: Borderland Concept Art Research

The game Borderlands share a lot of similarities with the setting of my story. The weathered yet futuristic look of the items, characters, and vehicles is something I am trying to achieve with my own work. I am looking at the work of the concept artists as I am trying to discover how they initially came up with the aesthetic for the game world.




The previous images show effective layouts for character design sheets. I’m quite fond of the use of western style gear with a futuristic, wasteland feel to them. These images are also giving me a feel for the things I should be considering in terms of clothing functionality for my characters.


This weapon concept show the many variables that the artist has considered. I like the way that even though the parts look very differently indivually they all fit together perfectly with an aesthetic running through them that produces a coherent final design. The customisation of the gun is another thing to consider for my own work, with my characters using what they can find and giving a personal touch.


It may be useful to create sheets showing front and backs of characters as well as working on slight variations of the same design to fully probe all of the possibilities.


Armour customisation will be an important aspect of the look of my characters, especially the scavenger types. Welding on of parts and other modifications will be something I implement on armour, vehicles and weapons.


The use of robotic prosthetics could be something to consider, perhaps not for the scavengers but definitely for the advanced humans that are encountered. This image also acts as inspiration for armour designs.



These two vehicle concepts are interesting. Whilst they are instantly recognisable as flying machines they also have a retro futuristic feel, you can tell that they are based off of helicopters and other present day vehicles.







Various character sheets showing variations and experimentations. Each has a unique feel but are all tied together with an aesthetic that runs through all. The mix of retro and futuristic is ever present and is something I will be drawing upon for inspiration.


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