Comic: Concept Art Research #1


Colour palette and pose really add to how the characters personality is put across. Earth tones such as this will be a heavily used paette in my comic. I really like the mismatched pieces of body armour and clothing in this concept.


As with the previous image I like the use of random mismatched items of clothing, as well as the modification that the character has made to various pieces. In terms of a wasteland villain this works brilliantly however, my story will be set much further in the future I think so my concepts will make use of unfamiliar armours etc.


A piece of concept art for a cancelled Metallica project. Making use of found, repaired and retrofitted elements is something I will definitely be incorporating into my work.


A MAd Max x Game of Thrones concept. I quite like the idea of using historical motifs and re-imagining them in a fururistic way.


The scavenger look will be imporatnt in my comic. This design integrates the weaponry perfectly to match the aesthetic of the character.


Concept art for or based on the game Brink. We can see the clean, professional look on the left suited to law enforcement/military and the scavenged, grubby look of the the right. I like the idea of somehow using the colour palette as another element to identify characters with.


I love the future scavenger look of the vehicles here. The mix of old, used looking things to produce futuristic concepts is something to consider. As my comic is set in the distant future I have removed wheels from the equation, maybe I shouldn’t discount them yet.


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