YCN Fever Tree: African Imagery Research

As research for the Fever Tree brief to design limited edition bottles I am looking into the areas affected by Malaria and gathering inspiration form local art, design, motifs, flags and wildlife. I’m aiming to gather as wide a range of initial research as possible to get a feel of the cultures around which I will base my designs.

7078571-set-of-buttons-with-flags-of-africaTraditional African patterncan-stock-photo_csp5267373ethnic-motive-as-piece-african-pattern-12089914b7675b577a5c2f76ab9a19968c6ae95eafrican-patternswebafricanmaskafrica03loutofaffrica1a24c7e6ff9118df333b867bea0843eeb49351fb8e7a3addcf9042422fabd290d5afrian-patterns4statuette_mambia_nigc3a9ria450px-makonde_elephantafrican-male-masktumblr_mgspsoru8k1r8pxcho1_5005023b2181e2fckenya-wise-oldafrican_lion_king-wide_16e776921-98e7-4f9d-a695-71b6db15e3bcroyalcrain_mara_1935_1-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAulusaba-game-reserve-colourfull-bird-in-tree28329beads-croppedhuge_crocodile_in_zoo_600zebragiraffehipporhinocc3a9ros_blanc_jhechimp_craig_r_sholley


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