YCN Fever Tree: Bottle Research (Beers + Ciders)

As part of my research into the Fever Tree brief I decided to head to a local supermarket and get a feel for bottle collections that are already on the shelf, looking at brands that produce collections in particular. I found that many spirit producers create a range of different flavours that each have variations on the same overall design. As the brief requires the branding to be coherent this made for very useful research. A lot of brands seem to stick to an overall design with only slight variation in things such as colour in order to differentiate. Beer producers were more likely to produce a range of unique and exciting labels containing imagery. I also made sure to check out the brands that are Fever Tree’s closest competition to see the kind of design that they are implementing.

These Old Hen bottles use colour as the only differentiating factor. While it works for a labelled bottle I feel that something more is required for a full wrap.


Badger has by far the largest range of unique labelling. The illustrations a wonderfully done and each relate to the name of the beer that they adorn. The limited colour palette is another strong element. One thing that is really effective but not possible in my own outcome is the integration of image and type such as the animals sat within the lettering.


These Rekordelig bottles only differentiating elements are the single fruit illustrations that reference the flavours. Again, while this is fine for a label it is not much use for a wrap design.


The same goes as said previously for these Kopparberg bottles.



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