YCN Fever Tree: Bottle Research (Mixers + Cocktails)

As part of my research into the Fever Tree brief I decided to head to a local supermarket and get a feel for bottle collections that are already on the shelf, looking at brands that produce collections in particular. I found that many spirit producers create a range of different flavours that each have variations on the same overall design. As the brief requires the branding to be coherent this made for very useful research. A lot of brands seem to stick to an overall design with only slight variation in things such as colour in order to differentiate. Beer producers were more likely to produce a range of unique and exciting labels containing imagery. I also made sure to check out the brands that are Fever Tree’s closest competition to see the kind of design that they are implementing.

These own brand tonic waters use bubble like elements in reference to the carbonated nature of the drink as well as a colour scheme that matches each particular flavour. It works but is not the most interesting of designs.


These Schweppes bottles use the same organic patterning on each bottle ad as with most others it is the colour that really stands out.


In terms of tonic waters I would say that bottle green is the major shelf competition for Fever Tree. These bottles are elegant yet simple and the vibrant colours really make them jump out on the shelf.


This range of cocktails by Caribbean Twist are beautifully bright. Each bottle makes use of the same overall design but with individual colour palettes that really jump out on the shelf, especially when viewed together. Each one contains imagery of the cocktail ingredients but placed in a similar fashion per label. These design choices are really effective and are something that I could definitely draw inspiration from.


These Belvoir Cordials have a great vintage aesthetic with a nice hand made feel, which the illustrations and typography lend to. Unfortunately the brief dictates that the type remain untouched with rules out the use of creative typography, this may hold back the outcome somewhat. I particularly like the vibrant colours used on these bottles.


Bottle Green’s range of cordials are also nicely made.


The Fever Tree range of bottles on the shelf. In comparison with other brands they really do not stand out however, the lack of brash colours makes for a more sophisticated look and the foil labelling really adds to this. Carrying on with the metallic colouration could be an option.



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