YCN Fever Tree: Iran

When lookimg into the Asia category of countries I was immediately drawn to Iran as it would allow me to research into Persian culture of which I am rather unfamiliar with. As Persia was an ancient culture it also opens up the possibility of utilising elements of mythology in my outcome.

The art of Iran draws heavily on Arabic imagery and it is quite similar to many Middle Eastern countries. However, when looking at ancient Persian motifs it becomes much more interesting with the use of geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns that produce mandala like designs. The use of floral motifs makes the work really decorative and I feel that it is something that would translate really well to a piece of label design.


The use of flowers in this piece has an almost East Asian aesthetic but coupled with the repeating mandala design produces a really unique outcome that is something worth trying out in my work.










More Arabic influenced work making use of script as a design element. What I’m finding so far is that I really like the use of blues in the artwork and these colour schemes will definitely be experimented with. Circles and organically flowing design juxtaposed with geometric and angular patterns is an interesting aesthetic choice that could make the work pop.




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