Comic Research: Creative Writing Websites and articles #1

In order to generate the story for my comic I am looking into information regarding creative writing, including such things as: story progression, 3 act structures, formats, use of dialogue, and creating an exciting first issue. What follows is a number of websites that I have found containing useful information on the subjects I have just mentioned from comic backgrounds to literary novels.

In the following 3 links writer Tim Stout explains formatting and structure of Graphic Novels, detailing how to take on script writing, use of narrative structures. He also provides analyses of existing graphic novels.

Here comics writer Dennis O’Neil briefly discusses the structure he breaks his writing down into. This is interesting as it offers the opportunity to produce small segments of a larger story with defined start and end points for each act.

KC Carlson discusses producing a winning first issue and what it takes in terms of story and structure to keep the reader interested.

What Makes a Good First Issue? Guidelines for Superhero Comic Origins

The following is a discussion on the 3 act structure in narratives of different kinds, detailing the events that should take place in each act. This is helpful in progressing my own writing.

Finally, this article explain why the arbitrary nature of the 3 act structure can kill a narrative and how more interesting structures can be more successful. It may be worth thinking of ways that I can experiment with structure in my own writing, maybe deconstructing the tried and tested structures.

Why 3 Act Will Kill Your Writing


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