Comic Research: Creative Writing Websites and articles #2

In order to generate the story for my comic I am looking into information regarding creative writing, including such things as: story progression, 3 act structures, formats, use of dialogue, and creating an exciting first issue. What follows is a number of websites that I have found containing useful information on the subjects I have just mentioned from comic backgrounds to literary novels.

The following is a really useful lesson in producing a graphic narrative using an act structure. It helpfully breaks down examples to show each act at play and the elements and tools used to progress the story.

This next page is also a really helpful article relating to producing comic narratives,. It details structures, dialogue and character development in terms of the protagonist/antagonist etc.

Along the same lines as the previous articles the following is a really concise description of the comic writing process.

This next page offers a nice set of tips regarding the production of a story outline. As this is something I’m having trouble with this is really useful.

Set of tips to help with creative writing. The point about knowing your audience is a valuable one and one that as yet I have not really taken into account – this should make the writing process slightly easier.

5 creative writing tips

The following is a simple set of dos and don’ts for dialogue. While this is directed at actual literature there are still some valuable insights that can be taken on board when it comes to comics.

Dialogue Dos and Don’ts


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