Major Research: The Road – Folio Society Books #1

As part of my research for illustrating The Road I am looking into the vast range of of illustrated books that The Folio Society has published, as many of these books are suited to an adult audience. I have found it difficult to research this area of illustration as there seems to be a surprisingly small amount of illustrated literature geared towards adults compared to children. This research will hopefully help me to discover illustrators and the processes that they use within their work, as well as page compositions that are effective.



Dracula – Abigail Rorer

The noir aesthetic of these woodblock prints is wonderful, with strong use of negative space.


Frankenstein – Harry Brockway

Another interesting illustration taking the form of a wood engraving. This method suits the era and setting of the story really well. Perhaps a process that suits the setting or themes of The Road would be an appropriate thing to consider.


The Golem – Vladimir Zimakov

These illustrations suit the Gothic nature of the tale, being produced in a style similar to German Expressionism, fitting the Gothic European setting perfectly. The compositions of the images are also extremely interesting, making use of cinematic angles. The use of chiaroscuro is also something that always appeals to me.


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym – David Lupton

Looking further into David Lupton’s work it is clear that all of his imagery is beautifully rendered with strong emphasis on figurative drawing, something that I also try to achieve. The use of mark marking and materials stands out also, with the use of loose drawings and watercolour/ink.


Seven Gothic Tales – Kate Baylay

The illustration work of Kate Baylay is quite an inspiration. Not only are they amazingly rendered, but the compositions are outstanding. I feel I could take a lot from looking further into her work.






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