Major Research: The Road – Folio Society Books #2

As part of my research for illustrating The Road I am looking into the vast range of of illustrated books that The Folio Society has published, as many of these books are suited to an adult audience. I have found it difficult to research this area of illustration as there seems to be a surprisingly small amount of illustrated literature geared towards adults compared to children. This research will hopefully help me to discover illustrators and the processes that they use within their work, as well as page compositions that are effective.



Dune – Sam Weber

The colouration and rendering of Weber’s pieces for Dune are very interesting. I really like the soft, other-worldly feel in the images is something to think about in my work.


The Handmaid’s Tale – Anna and Elena Balbusso

These texture heavy pieces make excellent use of limited colour and have a really nie handmade feel. Composition wise these pieces make use of odd perspectives which suits the sci-fi tale.


The Man in the High Castle – Shotopop

These digital illustrations are extremely dynamic, adding a lot of drama to each composition. This coupled with the vibrant colour palette creates a very cinematic response.


Brave New World – Finn Dean

The use of limited colour and large flat areas makes these illustrations fairly striking. The limited colour and use of texture within these digital adds to this, making a simple but effective outcome. I also like that the compositions focus less on the characters and more on the scenery, which would work well for a piece such as The Road.


The Drowned World – James Boswell

The washed out effect in these paintings with the texture bleeding through adds a dream like quality to these images. This could be useful when producing the dusty scenes of The Road or even the dream sequences within.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Jonathan Burton

This pencil drawing with digital colour makes for a nice hand made approach but with the ability to experiment with texture and colour at a whim, which is something that would be nice for my own work.


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