Major Research: The Road – Pop-Ups #1

Following a tutorial with Mark regarding the 3 dimensional element of previous work, in which we discussed the possibility of pop-ups or some kind of paper engineering, I have looked into the possibilities of it. At the moment it’s seeming like an impossible task to undertake due to the time constraints and is something I would have had to have decided upon earlier in the process in order to achieve.

An interesting video on the process of producing a pop-up book, showing the amount of work required to create a low page count.


A video showing some simple and easily achievable pop-ups for use across a spread. Useful for creating any background scenery within my images.


This pop up book has numerous and varying types of pop up that could be interesting to create. I like the sheer number of moving parts on each spread, very time consuming I would imagine.


This amazing pop up book by Robert Sabuda is so rich in detail, with intricate moving elements. This is a really interesting book and really quite inspiring. It’s interesting to note how he has treated the buildings and figures as this is something that would be important in my own work.







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