Comic Research: Colouring

As I don’t have a lot of experience in terms of colouring digitally I am looking into some digital painting tutorials to get a feel for adding colour to my images. Looking mainly at picking colours initially and adding light sources realistically/how colours blend.

This video by Sycra gives a lot of useful tips for picking colours, as well as limiting your palette to make things easier and working out the correct values.

This video explains the use of a painters wheel to choose cool/warm colours and finding the right saturations. While I won’t be going this far with my colouring it is still useful to know.

This is another useful video by Sycra that explains the painting of skin tones by utilising values and offers some handy tips for getting skin tones right in terms of light and shadow, hair/stubble etc.

This video by Jesus Conde does a really good job at explaining the painting of skin tones with the use of limited colours to begin with, as in traditional painting.




These 3 videos above give various insights into the colouring of figures digitally and each video has provided useful tidbits of knowledge regarding the selection and application of colour.




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